Blank Canvases uses authenticity of the artistic process to inspire engaged art making and creativity in those we teach.

Our Creative Vision

We have a dream to bring art into people’s lives and to encourage them to think and live creatively. We strive to teach people an appreciation for local arts and culture through workshops that are centred on the important art that is made in our neighbourhoods. We want to bring the arts into our schools, our workplaces and our free time. We do this in a way that is supportive, non-intimidating and inspirational. In doing so we will employ artist educators who believe passionately in the power of art to change and enrich the lives of those in our communities.

How We Do It

We create workshops that are engaging and participatory. We employ professional art educators. We focus on local artists, art groups and collectives. We bring together professional artist educators who teach our students the artistic process in a way that inspires creativity, individuality and a love of art making. We believe that wonderful art can be with sustainable environmental resource. We source beautiful art making materials that are donated, upcycled and re-used to make wonderful unique art pieces.

Blank Canvases in the News

“We recently hosted Blank Canvases at Wilkinson Public School. The in-school Art program was a huge hit with teachers, parents and students. The focus was on local artists and a variety of art forms. The lessons were well organized, very structured and very informative. Our students created wonderful pieces of art in various forms and the experience was very rewarding.”

Allan Kelly, Principal, Wilkinson Public School