Corporate Creativity Workshops

Creative Thinking Workshop

How To Expand Your Brainstorming Capabilities and Unlock New Ideas!

All materials and supplies are included.

A dynamic workshop leading your employees through a series of tasks which will help build their unique creative thinking capacity. Through scaffolding of various modes of art making, sketching, mind mapping, and creative problem solving, participants will be given a series of strategies for “thinking outside the box”. Your employees will appreciate this hands-on, fun workshop that will push them into new realms of ideation.


Office Community Building Through Art

A Program Designed to Connect Your Employees Through Collaborative Art Making to Improve Employee Connectivity

All materials and supplies are included.

Your employees will deepen their workplace connection with one another through a sophisticated art making workshop that utilizes; creative problem solving, collaboration, collective decision making, and group mind mapping. At the end of this workshop, your employees will feel a new sense of closeness with their co-workers and have a set of approaches for teamwork that they can take into their everyday work schedule.


Reflecting Your Company Through Art

Exploring Your Company’s Mission and Values Through Art

All materials and supplies are included.

In collaboration with your team, our Artist Educators will work to design a special hands-on art making session that will take your employees through a creative exploration of your company’s core values. Using imagery, group activity and discussion, this programme will deeply engage your participants in thinking past the words of your corporate culture and push them into reflecting those ideas in abstract terms and deepen their understanding of their work.


Paint Party!

An Office Work Activity for Celebrations, Holidays and Special Work Events

All art materials and art supplies are included.

A unique take on the office work party, this programme will be the perfect accent to any work gathering you are planning that you want to have an experiential element. Different from the typical “paint nights”, we will cater the activity to suit your company’s needs and your office culture. We will work with your HR department to come up with a project that suits what you are celebrating or exploring right now in the workplace. We can do abstract painting, collage, landscape, drawing, and group murals for this fun office work experience!



For more information or to book our Artist Educators, contact our Educational Director