After School Programmes

Grades 1 – 6

$25 per class

Art supplies included

West end and East end locations

Themes and Programme Content

As an extension of the Blank Canvases ‘in school” program , the after school program uses the inspiration of both historical and contemporary Toronto artists to inform the lesson planning. Each, class the students see images and learn about a specific local Toronto artist. Then the students use this inspiration from the lesson to create their own artwork in the “style” of the artist.

Teaching Methods

Blank Canvases Art Educators use methods which allow for the children to create and express their own individuality to their utmost capability. This includes best practices in arts education which reflect: open ended choice making, an encouragement of uniqueness, fostering of expression, and a focus on process rather than product. The lessons use the art making process as a vehicle to promote qualities of group camaraderie, mutual respect, positive self esteem and creative and critical thinking skills.


  • provide children with an enriching experience of interacting with artists in their neighbourhood
  • provide education on and about local Toronto Artists
  • foster local cultural, knowledge and identity
  • expose children to the artistic process in an authentic form using quality art materials and supplies
  • connect Walnut Studios to the surrounding community through artistic engagement give the children the experience of showing their work in a neighbourhood art venue or gallery

To register

West End

Ilene Sova MFA,. BFA
Artistic Director, Walnut Studios

East End

Natalie Kauffman M.A., B.F.A
Education Director, Walnut Studios