Blank Canvases

Blank Canvases is an art programme that uses the authentic artistic approach to inspire children and stimulate creative thinking.

School Programmes

Bring Blank Canvases into your school and have your students learn from an Artist Educator about a local Toronto artist. We have official partnerships with the TDSB, TCDSB and many private schools throughout the city!

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Adult & Youth Classes

We have a variety of programmes for adult and youth. Exciting, fun and creative classes that teach the creative artistic process in a welcoming and engaged studio loft classroom.

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Special Events

Do you want art at your party? Book Blank Canvases for your special event. We can add an artistic and engaged art activity to your festival, trade show, fair, office party, or children’s birthday party.

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By celebrating the work of local artists, students are motivated to discover their own creativity.

“They delivered a great class that I could not have conducted without them. What made the lesson so valuable is that it exposed students to experiences in art that they wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity for.”

Grade 3 Teacher, Allenby P.S.

Blank Canvases tackles the big questions: How do artists come up with their ideas? How do artists approach the world in new and different ways? When artists work how do they problem solve differently than others?

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We believe everyone should have access to art regardless of their income! We are always fundraising to take our Blank Canvases programming into the TDSB designated designated Model Schools for free! We also love to have scholarship available for our youth programme for those who can’t afford it.



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